Unmanned Aerial Systems, societal challenges and systems efficiency

Grégoire Guerout
ALERION Drones and innovation
Nancy, Lorraine, France

Unmanned Aerial Systems are remarkable tools in many fields in today’s societies. From media production to other industrial sectors, drones bring new opportunities by creating new usages as well as optimizing existing uses. The increasing societal and especially environmental challenges we face necessitate the use and creation of tools to assess the situation and its evolution though time. Drones allow monitoring nature as well as artificial infrastructure, helping us understand our environment and our surroundings. In addition, drones facilitate the development of systems in a more efficient manner, thereby enhancing environmental and economic impacts. In order to be used in a wide range of scenarios, these flying tools need to meet complex technical requirements and as the same time comply with applicable regulations. The presentation will be using concrete examples from our project’s portfolio, including our Hydradrone, a hybrid drone which can fly and navigate on water to survey aquatic areas, and collaborative projects such as Multidrone which aimed to developed a system based on a swarm of drones for media production, and CEOS, a drone infrastructure inspection project.

Biography: Grégoire Guerout is Lead Project Manager at Alerion, a French startup that offers business solutions through the design and development of innovative drones and drones’ cyber-physical components, integrated into the customer’s workflow. Grégoire’s works focus on projects tailored for business partners as well as European wide collaborative projects, including the design and development of drones and cyber-physical components for drones and drone operations. Grégoire has two Master degrees, one in mechatronics engineering in France during a generalist education, and one in autonomous vehicles at Cranfield University (UK) where he designed a novel polyhedral multi-rotor drone during his M. Sc. A paper on this drone was published in ICUAS 2018. Grégoire led the Alerion team in the H2020 project Multidrone (concluded at the end of 2019), which aimed to developed a system based on a swarm of drones for media production, together with seven other partners including some key players in the broadcasting industry. Other than projects with private companies, Grégoire’s current portfolio includes the European collaborative (H2020) project 5G!Drones, a project with a view to enabling 5G applications for drones and CEOS project, a drone infrastructure inspection project. He was speaker at the RPAS 2019 conference on Drone Regulatory Needs for Media Production. He is part of the Drone REGIM initiative, a working group on drone standardization and is member of a working group at the French Bureau de Normalisation de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace (BNAE).