Roadmap for lock-down lifting in Greece

Message from the president of ICUAS Association

Dear colleagues, authors, committee members:

I share with you detailed official information related to the seven phases of lifting lock-down restrictions in Greece. This allows you to plan ahead.

We, on the other hand, will continue updating you once new information becomes available. All things considered, we are in good shape for ICUAS 2020, still 4 months away.

We will overcome and win.

Road map for lock-down lifting

The roadmap below assumes that all citizens will comply with keeping social distancing / safety distance, will follow recommended hygiene measures (masks), and will avoid crowded areas resulting in no resurgence of the COVID-19. There will be evaluation on a 24-hour basis. Authorities have made clear that restrictions will be re-imposed locally or regionally if needed.

To begin with, restrictions have been imposed since March 6 and will remain in effect until May 4. The use of masks will still be mandatory in closed and busy places. In any case, there is a strong recommendation to use a mask.

Gradual lifting will follow 7 stages. It has been published for May 4, 11 and 18. The June plan will be announced on May 18 after a thorough evaluation of the overall situation and impact on population.

May 4, 2020

  • No need for SMS or official notes for moving.
  • May exercise outdoors and swim. “Organized” beaches will open at a later date.
  • Opening of: small shops, hairdressers’ barbershops, beauty parlors, bookstores, sport-stores, garden shops, optics shops, Churches but only for individual prayer, hospitals for regular surgery, and outpatients.
  • There will be no car driving restrictions inside the city of Athens for the month of May.
  • Maximum 3 persons in each car including the driver.
  • Traffic restrictions from one prefecture to another will remain in force.

May 11

  • Students, 12th grade or 3rd Lyceum grade will return to class. Other Lyceum and High School classes will open on May 18.
  • Remaining retail stores will open

May 17

  • Churches will open for the public. Allowed to attend religious services under strict rules.

May 18

  • Zoo and botanical gardens open
  • Archaeological sites open
  • Gambling / betting facilities open (OPAP)
  • Traffic restrictions within the country will be lifted. Travel from one prefecture to another and away from the declared area of residence will be allowed.
  • Travelling to the Greek islands will be allowed only for residents.

June 1

  • Shopping malls, department stores, cafes, bars, restaurants will be allowed to serve customers in outdoors space.
  • Hotels (12-month operation) and all justice facilities and courts resume business.
  • Entertainment and sports venues (cinemas, theaters, entertainment centers, gyms, etc.) open.
  • All domestic flights
  • Primary schools and possibly kindergartens and day-care centers.

June 15

  • All hotels that are usually open all year, and tourist (seasonal) hotels
  • Opening of “organized” and tourist beaches
  • Travelling to the islands by boat resumes.
  • Group sports

    Note that hotel units and other accommodation units in the Greek islands and areas where there is insufficient health infrastructure, are expected to open in late June or early July, once air transportation is fully restored.

End of June

  • International flights
  • Restart of Super League
  • Beginning of July – Opening of seasonal tourist accommodation facilities (hotel and villas with registered business)

With respect, responsibility and with best regards,

Dr. Ing. Prof. Kimon P. Valavanis, John Evans Professor
Fellow, AAAS and U.K. Institute of Measurement and Control
Director, Research and Innovation – Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science
Director, DU Unmanned Systems Research Institute (DU2SRI)
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems
University of Denver – 2155 E. Wesley Avenue, ECS 461 – Denver, CO 80210