aerospace an Open Access Journal by MDPI is announcing a special issue entitled “Advances in UAS/RPAS and Unmanned Aviation“. This special issue will include enhanced and extended versions of papers previously accepted for presentation at ICUAS 2020 conference, with clear statements of originality and novelty. Deadline for manuscript submission is 15 November 2020.

This Special Issue (SI) aims to publish the state-of-the-art in UAS/RPAS, leading to full integration of manned–unmanned aviation into the national airspace. Challenging topics include legal, ethical and privacy issues, regulations, benefits of unmanned aviation to society, UAS/RPAS design for safety, reliability and resilience, autonomy, technology standards, manned–unmanned formations, and complete flight control systems, among other topics, all contributing to building high-confidence systems.

Submitted papers must be enhanced versions of the accepted conference papers (in ICUAS’20), with clear statements of originality and novelty.