Each year, an Awards Committee chaired by Professor Fulvia Quagliotti evaluates candidate papers to choose the best paper in terms of originality, novelty, technical soundness and presentation. An Awards Certificate is presented to the winners.

Winners since 2014

The list of best papers since 2014 (in reverse chronological order):

2021 (two papers)

Sabrina Carroll, Michail Kalaitzakis, Nikolaos Vitzilaios: UAS Sensor Deployment and Retrieval to the Underside of Structures

Steffen Holter, Athanasios Tsoukalas, Nikolaos Evangeliou, Nikolaos Giakoumidis, Anthony Tzes: Relative Spherical-Visual Localization for Cooperative Unmanned Aerial Systems


Not awarded due to CoVID-19.


Brady Anderson, Jaron Ellingson, Michael Eyler, David Buck, Cameron Peterson, Timothy W. McLain, Karl Warnick: Networked Radar Systems for Cooperative Tracking of UAVs


Christoph Briese, Andreas Seel, Franz Andert: Vision-based Detection of Non-cooperative UAVs Using Frame Differencing and Temporal Filter


Wenxin Chen, Zhenhai Duan, Yingfei Dong: False Data Injection on EKF-Based Navigation Control


Zhuming Ai, Mark Livingston, I. S. Moskowitz: Real-Time Unmanned Aerial Vehicle 3D Environment Exploration in a Mixed Reality Environment


Brandon Stark, Matthew McGee, YangQuan Chen: Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) Imaging Systems Using Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS)


Satyanarayana Gupta Manyam, Sivakumar Rathinam, Swaroop Darbha, Phil Chandler, David Casbeer: Routing of Two Unmanned Aerial Vehicles with Communication Constraints

Where to find the awarded papers

The awarded papers are available in the respective year’s conference proceedings.